Cataloque of Orders, Medals and Badges of the USSR    

Cataloque of Orders, Medals and Badges of the USSR

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“Order of Honor”

Order of Honor

This article was based on the information published in Orders of the USSR by A.N. Kutsenko, published by Aspect, Donetsk, Ukraine, 1994, Orders and Medals of the USSR from 1918 to 1991 by M.B. Muzalevsky and S. S. Shishkov, published by Voron, Vladivostok, Russia, 2000.

Scans of the specimens were made on: Primax Colorado 1200P, Mustek Express 1200 USB+; Umax Astra 5450; Epson PERFECTION 1250 with resolution of 1200 dpi. Measurements taken by a caliper with possible deviation of 0.02 mm. Weights were taken on a scale with possible deviation of 0.002 grams and electronic weights AND HL-100 with possible deviation of 0.01grams.

The Order of Honor was established by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on December 28, 1988 after the Order of the Badge of Honor was retired. The sequence of the serial numbers was preserved. The same Decree established the Statute of the Order and its description.

The Order was awarded to: citizens of the USSR, enterprises, institutions, conglomerates, organizations, administrative districts, towns and other populated areas for the high achievements in production, scientific activities, state, social and cultural life, sports and other socially beneficial activity. Also the Order was awarded to the individuals for the acts of the civilian valor.

There is only one type of the Order.

Type 1

Badge of the Order was made of two parts: the base of the badge and gold-plated Hammer and Sickle emblem on the laurel leaves. The latter part was attached to the base with two rivets.

Weight of the badge with the connecting ring 31.52 grams
Height 51.34 mm.
Width 32.6 mm.

Measurements are taken of the specimen with the serial number 1522429


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