Cataloque of Orders, Medals and Badges of the USSR    

Cataloque of Orders, Medals and Badges of the USSR

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Badge Excellent Air Force Soldier

Badge Excellent Air Force Soldier
Excellent Air Force Soldier Badge

This article was based on the information published in Breast Badges of the Armed Forces from 1918 to 1991 by V.A. Borisov, Farn, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 1994 and Badges of the Military Valor by A.S. Domank, DOSAAF, Moskow, USSR, 1990.

Scans of the specimens were made on: Primax Colorado 1200P, Mustek Express 1200 USB+; Umax Astra 5450; Epson PERFECTION 1250 with resolution of 1200 dpi. Measurements taken by a caliper with possible deviation of 0.02 mm. Weights were taken on a scale with possible deviation of 0.002 grams and electronic weights AND HL-100 with possible deviation of 0.01grams.

The Badge was established by the Executive Order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR in accordance with the Directive of the Council of Ministers of April, 1957.

The Badge was awarded to the soldiers and NCO of the Soviet Air Force, Air Defense Forces and Border Guards who demonstrated high discipline, had commendations for exemplary service, excellent mastering of their military specialty, who were graded excellent for the major and at least good for other disciplines during the year, who provided excellent care for, preservation and use of the assigned weapon systems etc.

Awarding of the Batch could be conducted only once during the term of service in the Armed Forces of the USSR. It was announced in the Executive Order of the military chief who had a right to award the Badge. Records of this were made in the awardees Military ID booklet.

The Badge was made of the yellow metal with enamel and paint. The Badge was attached to the uniform with a prong.


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